For over a century we have been in the business of logistics, having grown from a one-horse operation we have become a leading provider of logistics solutions. Today we are a company that has an Asia Pacific focus with a global reach: the resources, the expertise and the drive to deliver optimal logistics solutions to our customers.



We operate an extensive fleet of air, sea, rail and road vehicles and vessels that underpins our service delivery.

Global Reach

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We operate in key locations across the world, providing our customers with global reach.

Warehousing & Storage


Our warehouse capacity enables us to provide a range of storage solutions, backed by technologies for improved supply chain efficiencies.


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With years in business, Our expertise continues to lead the industry into the future.



All workplace injuries are preventable. We are committed to living this philosophy throughout its operations.


Satellite (1)Our in house R&D teams are working to find new ways of improving our technology, fleet, facilities and systems, to enhance our logistics offering.



Technology plays an important role in our commitment to continuous improvement, enabling us to improve services and streamline operations


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A defined set of security standards help us to manage security risks, protect our people, assets, and customers’ freight and confidential information.