Consultancy & Project Services

Consultancy-tendersinfoWe provide cost effective and creative ability to create project design, distribution, supply chain execution and material handling solutions for leading retail, wholesale, and consumer product manufacturing companies.

As a leading company, TGF are keenly aware that logistics has increasingly become a key factor in cost and quality customer service distinguishing one company’s products from another’s.

Our logistics consultancy is well qualified and prepared to help you craft the best logistics management suited for your organization.

We will assist you in developing the very best logistics network, contract layout, manufacturing plant layout, material handling solutions and information systems for your supply chain. We are professional logistics consultants and accomplished logistic network, material handling, distribution centre and projects managers, and contractor etc.

We have extensive experience in projects layout, design and implementation of conventional and highly automated material handling solutions for contracts, distribution, and manufacturing operations.

Using our industrial, engineering operations, and systems design expertise; we provide state-of-the-practice of contract logistics, concepts, processes, layout, and designs matched to customer business needs.

The capabilities of our consultants and designers also include the selection and implementation of supply chain execution software including contract management systems, asset management systems, transportation management systems, management systems and labour management systems.

Our teams of logistics consultants, distribution centre engineers, and material handling systems designers have the skills to assist your company in the implementation and integration of the systems we design. We are independent consulting firm and as your logistics consultant, systems designer, and partner, we promise to provide analysis, concepts, and solutions that are unbiased and specifically tailored to your requirements and best interests.